InciSioN 2020 Team


Xiya Ma, MD, MSc

Xiya is a recently graduated physician from the MD-MSc program from Université de Montréal in Montreal, Canada. Her involvement with InciSioN dates back to 2017, where she served as Vice-President for Internal Affairs for two years, and supervised the development of its national chapters and built the internal structure during InciSioN’s early years. Since 2019, she is co-chair of InciSioN and had the pleasure of growing with fellow colleagues on the executive board in expanding InciSioN’s activities, from supporting the subteams to the InciSioN Global Surgery Symposiums (IGSS). She was a co-founder of the Canadian chapter of InciSioN the Canadian Global Surgery Trainee Alliance (CGSTA).

Katayoun Madani, MS, MD

Katayoun is a Global Surgery Research Fellow at the Northwestern Trauma and Surgical Initiative, in the Division of Trauma and Critical Care at Northwestern University and is concurrently completing her Master’s in Public Health at St. George’s University. She was born and raised in Iran, and moved to the United States where she completed her undergraduate and Master’s of Science in tissue engineering at Arizona State University. Katayoun attended medical school at St. George’s University School of Medicine in Grenada West Indies, where she co-founded and became the first Chair of InciSioN Grenada. She co-led a large-scale advocacy effort with the Ministry of Health Grenada and Grenada General Hospital to deliver medical devices and supplies to furnish an operating room and intensive care unit. She led InciSioN’s Research Team from 2017 to 2020 and created InciSioN’s research infrastructure, re-established the online Twitter-based Global Surgery Journal Club, and planned the first-ever student and trainee led Global Surgery Session at the American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress in 2019 held in San Francisco, California.
United Kingdom

Dylan Goh, MD
Vice-President for External Affairs

Dylan is a final year medical student at Newcastle University in the UK with a masters by research in global health. He has been involved in various student organisations relating to global health since 2017. He serves as the vice-president for external affairs at Incision, working on expanding the partnerships with other organisations such as the International Federation of Medical Students Association (IFMSA).

Priyansh Shah
Vice-President for Finances

Priyansh is an aspiring Global Cardiothoracic Surgeon. He is a final year medical student at Baroda Medical College, India. His work in Global Health began in 2018 when he was elected as the National Officer for Public Health at the Medical Students’ Association of India. Their team conducted over 10 National Public Health Campaigns and reached out to over 23,000 people. His journey with Global Surgery and Incision started in 2019 when I became a part of the international fundraising team. Currently he is working as the Vice President for Finances at InciSioN. He believes that Health Financing is not only a major building block of UHC but an indispensable aspect of Global Surgery. He is also the Founder and President of the World Youth Heart Federation.

John Marinos
Vice-President for Internal Affairs

John is a final year medical student at Université de Sherbrooke in Quebec, Canada. Prior to medical training, he was a physiotherapy student at McGill University, where he first discovered the field of Global Surgery through his coursework. He quickly got involved in local global surgery initiatives and conferences and assumed various roles in different global surgery organizations at the local, national and international level. He joined Incision in 2019 as a member of the advocacy team and expanded his responsibilities within the organization in 2020 by assuming the role of VPI.

Amanda Hughes, MD
Advocacy Team Leader

Amanda is a first year General Surgery resident physician at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, New York. She graduated from St. George’s University School of Medicine, where she led InciSioN Grenada from 2017-2018. During this time, she co-led delivery of the SGU Cure Cargo, a shipment of medical supplies to Grenada General Hospital, the largest in the history of the Grenada Ministry of Health. After leaving Grenada, she joined the InciSioN International Team and has been serving as the Advocacy Team Lead in 2019 and 2020. During this time, she has led campaigns for Global Surgery Day, World Anesthesia Day, and many more, and planned InciSioN’s first global surgery session for students and trainees at the American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress.

Ahmadreza Abbaslou
Education Team Leader

Ahmadreza Abbaslou is a 5th-year medical student and MPH candidate at Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS), who is passionate and interested in network building, interdisciplinary activities, problem-solving, Global Health, and medical education. He has been involved in designing and implementing several projects and courses such as; Tehran Health Hackathon, Principles of Medical Education, and TEDxTUMS. Ahmadreza was the liaison officer and member of the steering committee of the first student pre-event for World Health Summit Regional Meetings in 2019. Additionally in 2019, he attended the Fall Institute by Johns Hopkins University and Univeristat Pompeo Fabra, where he attended the course on Leading Organisations and Decision Making. Ahmadreza has worked with IFMSA, Education Development Center of TUMS, and Student Scientific Research Center of TUMS during the course of his medical education. His enthusiasm for Reconstructive Surgery and Global Health has led him to join InciSioN and dedicate his efforts to Global Surgery since early 2020.

Ulrick Sidney, MD
Research Team Leader

Ulrick is a Cameroonian physician trained in the Democratic Republic of Congo, formerly working as a Research Associate at the Harvard Program in Global Surgery and Social Change. He serves as Secretary to the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies’ Global Neurosurgery Committee and as President of the Association of Future African Neurosurgeons. His research is focused on expanding access to quality and affordable neurosurgery around the world.

Rina Mehmeti,
Vice-President of National Working Groups

Rina is a 5th year medical student at the University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”, Kosova. She is also the Head of The Global Surgery Organization of Kosova (GSOK)-Students’ Committee. GSOK has organized a great number of activities (trainings, workshops, competitions, Winter School) where Global Surgery was promoted, knowledge and skills of medical students, newly graduates and residents were expanded. She has been part of a number of other national and international organizations with a focus on education and research since 2018. Her journey with Global Surgery started in 2019. In early 2020 she became part of the Research Subteam at InciSioN and expanded her responsibilities within the organization by assuming the role of the VPNWG.

International Team

InciSioN, the International Student Surgical Network is an international non-profit organization, consisting of medical students, residents and young doctors from all over the world who have come together to discuss, educate, advocate for, and perform research in Global Surgery.

The overall structure of our organization involves an international team (IT) which is selected through an application process each year in December. The international team is led by an executive board comprised of members selected annually from the team. The executive board is supported by the Board of Trustees and Board of Advisors. The executive board sets the tone for the international team, and the international team works to provide educational content, advocacy campaigns and research opportunities for the network of our National Working Groups across the globe. The Executive Board and International team also work to provide support and promote local efforts planned and carried out independently by the National Working Groups.

The 2020 IT consists of 53 members: 26 women, 27 men from 33 countries across the world, 26 from LMICs 27 from HIC. Our team members range from medical students, to residents, and early career physicians and surgeons. Our 2020 IT consists of members without pre-existing quotas and distributes evenly across all world regions, highlighting the importance and strength of the diversity of the International Team

Advocacy Team

Amanda Hughes (USA)

Davina Daudu (Australia)

Marcela Cecilia, Quispe Arminta (Peru)

Pacifique Irakoze (Burundi)

Sarah Honjo (Japan)

Abhishekh Srinivas (Australia)

Hannah Thomas (United Kingdom)

Bonaventure Niyoyita (Rwanda)

Daniel Redscar (Kenya)

Sandrasagran Siva Nyanawati (Malaysia)

Hassan Ali Daoud (Somaliland)

Education Team

Ahmadreza Abbaslou (Iran)

Kyle Alexander (USA)

Irene Yerolemidou (Cyprus)

Alejandro Munoz-Valencia (USA)

Cecilie Mullerup Kiel (Denmark)

Heaven Tatere (Ethiopia)

Jabir Ibrahim Jibril (United Kingdom)

Bharat Sharma (India)

Jacqualine Sibanda (Zambia)

Lucas Ribeiro (Brazil)

Makinah Haq (United Kingdom)

Andjela Djurovic (Serbia)

Research Team

Theophilus Anyomih (Ghana)

Hitomi Kimura (Japan)

Ulrick Sidney Kanmounye (Cameroon)

Halimah Khalil (United Kingdom)

Derek Mao (Australia)

Michael Pratte (Canada)

Rina Mehmeti (Kosovo)

Joana Beltrano (Poland/Canada)

Kevouy Reid (Jamaica)

Mashkur Abdulhamid Isa (Nigeria/Ukraine)

Reuben Yih Khai Ooi (Malaysia)

Hamaiyal Sana (Pakistan)

Audiovisual Team

Timothy Hall (New Zealand)

Marie-Claire Wangari (Kenya)

Ann Kima (Kenya)

Moumita Kar (Bangladesh)

Bolaji Abimbola (Nigeria)

Jessica Lu (Australia)

Elliott Thomas (United Kingdom)

Pavanraj Chana (Kenya)

Fundraising Team

Lee En Ang (Taiwan)

Priyansh Shah (India)

Mitali M Shah (Kenya)

Shashank Timilsina (Nepal)


Grace Gwini (Zimbabwe)

Skye O’Reilly (USA/Grenada)

VPI Team

Sodumisa Ngwenya (Zimbabwe)

Natasha Kowshik (England)