National Working Groups

InciSioN National Working Groups

National Working Groups are organisations that represent InciSioN at the national level in different countries, and collectively make our network.They enable activities to be held on the local level and adjusted to the local needs, at the same time bring diversity to our efforts towards the common goal of achieving safe and affordable access to surgical care for all.

The number of NWGs is rising every year reaching new parts of the world and attracting new members. National Working Groups are active in the areas of Education, Advocacy and Research, both locally and globally through our network. They are invited to monthly meetings through the VP of National Working groups and invited to participate in all advocacy campaigns and research efforts. In addition each year a National Working Group volunteers to hosts InciSioN Global Surgery Symposium in their native country. To read more highlights from our National Working Groups please visit InciSe Magazine!

Interested in Starting An InciSioN National Working Group?

Use the Toolkits below as your guide! Feel Free to reach out to our VP NWG with any questions: