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We are Global Surgery!

5 Billion people across the globe lack access to life saving surgery.

We represent professionals around the globe who are working to create access to safe, timely, and affordable surgical healthcare for all.

If you are someone who is passionate about improving infrastructure, financing, workforce, information management, service delivery and governance in surgical care, you are in the right space.

We tackle the science as well as the social issues of access to surgical care globally. We welcome new voices, and look forward to multidisciplinary discourse. This club belongs to the entire Global Surgery Community!

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Would you like to host a session at the Global Surgery Club? Please share details of the event you intend to host so that we can best assist you in the scheduling process.


We welcome & encourage members to schedule rooms on topics relevant to Global Surgery. To schedule a room contact us with the Title, Description & Date/Time of the room. Please allow 1week planning time.
Global Surgery Club Session Scheduling

Consent to be recorded

Rooms may be live streamed. If you Speak you are giving consent to be recorded.

Equity of Voices

This club is a space for global voices and celebrates diversity. We invite all voices and respect all backgrounds. In return we expect mutual respect among speakers and have zero tolerance for non inclusive behavior.

Suggestions and Feedback

We hope this club will provide a medium for discussion, knowledge sharing and brainstorming of solutions. We welcome your input to improve and better facilitate conversations. Please feel free to contact us.


Opinions expressed by speakers are their own & do not represent any organization or the global surgery community at large. Rooms may be live streamed. If you Speak you are giving consent to be recorded.