InciSioN Global Surgery Symposium 2018

Leuven, Belgium - May, 5-6 2018

IGSS2018 in Leuven, Belgium attracted 228 participants from 50 different countries worldwide and 32 expert speakers from 5 different continents; 15 scholarships were given to scholars from low and middle-income countries to participate in the symposium. The IGSS brings together a global audience of specialists, residents, and students; linking participants with global surgery experts with both in-filed and academic experience and public health experts from international organizations and civil society from all over the world, to learn about basic concepts of global surgery, recent developments, and next steps to be taken by both international community and local stakeholders. IGSS aims to equip participants with the needed skills and connections to make a change in their home countries through capacity building, diversity, and educational programs. It bridges the gap between students and residents, specialists, and other healthcare professionals from around the world, to come up with collaborative and innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing global surgery challenges.