We aim to spread awareness on Global Surgery through online and in-person campaigns
Global Surgery Day 2020

100 Lessons from COVID-19

As part of our Global Surgery Day 2020 campaign, we have asked 100 doctors and medical students for the most important lesson they’ve learnt about Global Surgery from the COVID-19 pandemic. We are proud to share some of their insights, lessons and advice. We thank all our participants for their submissions!

Advocacy Team

Advocacy has been a vital part of InciSioN since its inception . In 2015, InciSioN started Global Surgery Day on May, 25th as a global awareness day on Global Surgery,  in the light of the passing of the WHO Resolution WHA68.15 “Strengthening Emergency and Essential Surgical Care and Anaesthesia as a Component of Universal Health Coverage”. Over the years we have continued our efforts in advocating for attaining better health outcomes and health equity through timely access to affordable safe surgical, anaesthesia and obstetric care throughout the world. We have been working on several platforms aiming to raise awareness and improve the capabilities and policies globally. Our projects range from those targeting the medical students, trainees, surgeons, and other healthcare providers, to the general public, other nonprofit organizations, to stakeholders & government officials.

Side by side with the other InciSioN Teams and National Working Groups (NWG) we have been, and still are actively leading campaigns and different projects to achieve our main goal of improving the surgical care services worldwide. Our advocacy campaigns  are open to all and we welcome you to join us in raising awareness for Global Surgery!

Annual Programs

  • Universal Health Coverage Day, December 12

  • Global Surgery Day, May 25

  • International Day for Maternal Health and Rights, April 11

  • World Anaesthesia Day, October 16

  • World Trauma Day, October 17

Advocacy Collaborators


InciSioN Advocacy