We aim to contribute to the development of the future generation of global surgeons, anaesthesiologists and obstetricians

InciSioN Education Team has defined its field of work in five areas:

  • Education for Professional
  • Internal Capacity Building
  • Public Education
  • Content Developing and Documentation
  • Opportunity Providing

We have planned to work on three areas inĀ  2020:

Internal Capacity Building

The Internal Capacity Building sub-team has been developing educational content for InciSioN members to improve their knowledge and skills regarding communication,time management and a plethora of other soft skills that are necessary for shaping our members into the future global health leaders of tomorrow.

We will deliver a series of webinars addressing global surgery and soft skill development. We aim to increase our audience for subsequent webinars from solely the International Team to eventually all InciSioN members and the general public.

Public Education

The Public Education sub-team aims to develop at least two activities in the field of global surgery for its application in national working groups, and to develop content for social media platforms regarding public awareness regarding global surgery events.

Education for Professionals

The main goal of the Education for Professionals Team is to educate medical students, residents, and physician professionals in Global Surgery.

We plan to achieve this goal, at first, through online courses in Global Surgery and Public Health topics. This is important as medical student interest in Global Surgery is rapidly expanding, and it is unclear whether there is sufficient online content to meet the demands of interested medical students, trainees and young physicians. This course will be globally accessible and could be supported and disseminated through the InciSioN network.

We have thus far created and refined our approach to carry out and deliver project proposals. These small but vital steps will allow us to make progress towards our end goal.