We aim to contribute to the development of the future generation of global surgeons, anaesthesiologists and obstetricians.

Training Global Surgery Advocates (TGSA)

In 2018, InciSioN established and piloted its standardized three-day global surgery advocacy workshop aiming to equip participants with the needed knowledge and skills to advocate for global surgery and universal health coverage (UHC).

Through a 27-hour combination of traditional didactic lectures and interactive practical discussions and exercises, participants are trained to become well-versed in the theoretical background of global surgery, UHC, and health systems, and how to meaningfully and efficiently advocate for the cause in their countries and beyond.

Participants’ Experiences

“I started the workshop not knowing anything about global surgery, because nothing is taught about it in my country, but I have come out with so much adrenaline and motivation to start advocating for it and teaching others.”

– Participant from Ecuador


Participants are introduced to the basics of

  • Global Surgery;
  • Universal Health Coverage;
  • Health Systems;
  • Human Resources for Health
  • Social Determinants of Health;
  • The Three Delays Framework;
  • Socioeconomic Barriers


Participants integrate knowledge through acquiring advocacy and diplomacy skills through small working groups and peer-to-peer and peer-with-peer discussions, as well as relevant exercises to develop public speaking, negotiation, and elevator pitch skills.

Participants are systematically trained to set up sustainable, effective, and concrete campaigns to take home together with the acquired skills and knowledge.


Overall, participants are taught to effectively advocate for and discuss global surgery matters with any target audience, including learning how to negotiate with universities to integrate global surgery in medical curricula, as well as address the importance of global surgery in discussion with high-level stakeholders and policymakers.

Interested in hosting a TGSA Workshop?

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