Through raising awareness about the current global state of access to safe surgical and anaesthesia care, InciSioN aims to contribute to changing 'what is' to 'what should be'.

InciSioN's main campaign and advocacy event is Global Surgery Day on May, 25th. Moreover, throughout the year, InciSioN supports various campaigns, including but not limited to World Anaesthesia Day and Universal Health Coverage Day.

We aim to spread awareness on Global Surgery through online and in-person campaigns


May, 25th

In 2015, InciSioN started Global Surgery as an annual day of jointly advocating for safe surgery for everyone, everywhere. With May, 25th falling within the period of the World Health Assembly in Geneva, social media attention and global health talks are at its peak, making it the ideal time to push surgery on the global health agenda.


October, 16th

Every year, on October, 16th, the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists tries to raise awareness surrounding anaesthesia care for everyone, everywhere, when needed. Often being seen as the forgotten sister of the neglected stepchild that global surgery is, no surgery can take place without the availability of safe anaesthesia care.


December, 12th

On December, 12th, the Universal Health Coverage Coalition gathers stakeholders around the world to advocate for UHC. However, as surgery and anaesthesia are key components of UHC, the global surgery community embraced #SurgeryUHC, in order to further push surgery and anaesthesia on the global health agenda.